NetNoticed Teaching SEO at Small Business Classroom

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I am pleased to announce that NetNoticed will be teaching SEO for Your WordPress Website at the small business classroom.

The event will be held September 25, 2012 from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM at the Small Business Workshop.

SEO is very important for the health and well being of your website! So we’ve created an extensive SEO workshop just for your WordPress website. You’ll learn what SEO is, how it works, and why you need to know. Then we’ll install SEO and analytics plugins and learn how to use the Google Keyword Tool and more.

Some of the topics that will be discussed:

WordPress is one of the best, if not the best content management systems when it comes to SEO. That being said, spending time on your WordPress SEO might seem like a waste of time, it most definitely is not. Optimizing your site will help you improve your rankings, gain more subscribers and have a better website in general.

In this half -day workshop we will cover best practices for getting the most out from your WordPress website.  Topics include:

  • What is SEO? – Defined
  • Keyword research – Defined
  • Targeted goals – what are you trying to accomplish?
  • URL -Keyword vs. Branding
  • Optimize your Titles for SEO
  • SEO and Site Speed
  • Advanced WordPress SEO and Duplicate Content
  • Analytics
  • Plugin Setup

If you are interested in attending the class you can signup for the event here.

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